Grand Canyon Chariot of Fire Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Chariot of Fire Helicopter Tour

Extensive Helicopter Flight Into Depths of The Grand Canyon! Includes views of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Featured By The BBC's Worldwide Journeys!

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Sunset Ranch Adventure

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Sunset Ranch Adventure

World Exclusive Helicopter ride below the Rim of the Grand Canyon and an evening of cowboy hospitality at the Grand Canyon West Ranch.

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Ranch Adventure

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Ranch Adventure

Experience a spectacular Helicopter flight below the rim of the Grand Canyon with a landing at our exclusive 106,000 acre Grand Canyon Western Ranch.

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Experience the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon on a helicopter tour

Experience the Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon on a helicopter tour

Within a short distance of Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the US, lie two of the most incredible natural phenomena in the United States.

The Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon are two extraordinary landmarks in Nevada, formed million of years ago and still retaining a mystique and allure that makes them among the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

One of the best ways to see these sights is from the air and helicopter tours give visitors the opportunity to experience a view that was once the preserve of the eagles.

The sheer scale and size of the Grand Canyon are overwhelming – it is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep. The Colorado River flows along its floor and, millions of years after it was first formed, the Canyon today continues to change and alter with the seasons.

Visitors to Las Vegas can enjoy six or eight hour Grand Canyon helicopter tours that will take them deep into the Canyon where its amazing contours and layers can be seen at their best. Don’t miss out on the Skywalk, too, a stroll on a glass platform some 4000ft above the Canyon floor with extraordinary views of the West Rim.

Even closer to Las Vegas – just 20 short minutes away – is Red Rock Canyon, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled sights in the world.

This stunning natural wonder is home to spectacular and colorful rock formations that give the canyon its name. A Red Rock Canyon helicopter tour, offering an eagle’s eye view of the stunning landscape, is the perfect way to travel here.

Red Rock Canyon is part of the Keystone Fault, formed some 65 million years ago by a collision of the earth’s plates. The force of the collision caused the earth’s natural layering process to be reversed, evident today in the sharp contrasts of the vivid red and cream landscape.

Humankind has inhabited Red Rock Canyon since around 3500BC and the evidence of their lives here is seen in the art still etched on the canyon walls, in the arrowheads and pottery remains found in the area.

No trip to Nevada or to Las Vegas is complete without a Red Rock Canyon helicopter tour to experience first-hand this ancient, natural phenomenon.

Leave behind the bright lights and razzmatazz of Las Vegas for a journey back in time. And don’t forget to pack your camera or camcorder for the helicopter ride that will reveal the Canyon in all its glory.

Make sure you choose a Red Rock Canyon helicopter tour company using aircraft with oversize picture windows so you get the best shots possible from your seat.

And if you’re feeling brave and want to feel the wind on your face as you peer into the Canyon’s depths, why not take a tour on a chopper without doors?

Expect to pay from $130 for a Red Rock Canyon helicopter tour. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas start from around $300.

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