Grand Canyon Chariot of Fire Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Chariot of Fire Helicopter Tour

Extensive Helicopter Flight Into Depths of The Grand Canyon! Includes views of Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Featured By The BBC's Worldwide Journeys!

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Sunset Ranch Adventure

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Sunset Ranch Adventure

World Exclusive Helicopter ride below the Rim of the Grand Canyon and an evening of cowboy hospitality at the Grand Canyon West Ranch.

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Ranch Adventure

Grand Canyon Helicopter & Ranch Adventure

Experience a spectacular Helicopter flight below the rim of the Grand Canyon with a landing at our exclusive 106,000 acre Grand Canyon Western Ranch.

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A Detailed Guide to Choosing Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000

mountain bikesIf you love riding especially in mountains and are looking for the best mountain bikes under 1000, you will come across superior quality bikes of a wide variety. This is precisely why purchasing a bike under $1000 is extremely challenging, even for those individuals who have previously owned mountain bikes. If you happen to be having difficulty with choosing due to the innumerable options available follow the detailed guide listed below to ease the process of purchasing.

Determine type of bike

You are fully aware of your budget which is below $1000 and this fact alone makes purchasing a bike easier. Since, the thing you need to do next is determine the type of bike that you prefer riding and which suits the terrain in which you usually ride in. The types that are available include rigid mountain bikes which offer no suspension, hardtail mountain bikes featuring suspension fork situated at the front, and full suspension bikes which boast shock absorbers in the front and back.

After you have determined the type of mountain bike you wish to own aim to stick to your stipulated budget. Do not consider exceeding it as you will require additional amount to buy items such as gloves, helmet and appropriate apparel. Hence, you should focus on trying to find the best bike for the lowest amount possible. By doing this you won’t exceed your budget and will have enough left for the aforementioned items.

Today, top notch quality is offered by bikes in less than $800 as excellent lightweight aluminum frames are being offered alongside other affordable components. However, do take into consideration that if you spend more you will acquire a bike which provides easy acceleration and climbing.

Maintenance charges

Every now and then you will have to spare money for the maintenance of your mountain bike. Affordable tires, a new chain, brake blocks and workshop charges should all be taken into account before narrowing down your options. Pricier bikes are bound to have higher maintenance charges, so ensure keeping this aspect in mind. If however, you can take care of your bike’s maintenance needs yourself you can rest assured as you will not incur high maintenance bills each year.

Visit is person

Visit physical stores to discover and evaluate the options that are available in your desired price range. By visiting in person you will be able to witness the quality being offered by different brands, since quality is an absolute essential. Additionally, you may be able to ride the mountain bikes you have narrowed down to fully understand the performance.  Use the internet only to refer to unbiased and genuine mountain bike reviews.

Warranty matters

If you purchase your mountain bike from a physical store not only will you receive a beneficial long term warranty, you also be delighted through comprehensive after sales services. Also, the reliable staff in such stores will guide you whenever you have any doubts or concerns. Apart from all of these benefits another benefit in store for you are the occasional and heavy discounts offered at such stores. Those who track such offers acquire the best mountain bikes under 1000.


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